Education Should Be Free.Also discuss their importance.

What is Education?

Education is the best tool that can be used to come out of poverty and background mindset. Education is a tool by which we can make progress in every aspect of our lives. it can help us in our social, political, and economic growth.
However many people are not able to afford it. Therefore, they don’t send their children to schools for getting an education.
Education should be free for everyone so that everyone can get an education. it will enable them to think rationally. it will also help them in earning a daily livelihood. if education is free for everyone, the literacy rate would go up in one go. it increases our knowledge and understanding of things.



There are some points to explain why education should be free.

  • Safe life
  • Better outlook on life
  • Increased employment
  • Creates equality
  • Promotes fairness
  • Density in the classroom
  • Student-loan loans
  • Open Access to college
  • Students can pursue their interests

Safe life:

Education is a crucial key to living a safe life. For example, when a student is educated compared to a non-educated student, it is easier to succeed in the future.

Better outlook on life:

Education gives students the ability to think positively and have a more positive attitude towards life goals. Free education guarantees that the outlook of life for most students Will be the same.

Increased employment:

Free education means that most students will have access to education and increase their employment opportunities.

Creates equality:

Free education means that any student from where they come will be able to use the same quality of education as every other student. It plays a vital role in building equality among the students in the school.

Promotes fairness:

Free education plays a vital role in promoting fairness in schools and society. This is because all children are guaranteed access to the same quality of education.

Density in the classroom:

Free education same how promotes an increased number of learners in the classroom. This is because students do not have to worry about their next school or tuition fees. Instead, they Will stay more focused on their education.

Student-loan loans:

Students do not have to worry about their college fees by getting student loans in university to facilitate their education altogether. This ensures that students remain in a debt-free situation.

Open Access to college:

Free education plays a vital role as it opens access to a college education. All children will be guaranteed a degree of education until they go for higher studies.

Students can pursue their interests :

Free education allows student with flexibility in their choices in pursuing their desired choice in pursuing their desired career.


Importance of Education:

Education plays a very important role in one’s life. It helps us to be successful and to be better people. Education improves our knowledge, skills, confidence level, and personality. It empowers us intellectually and helps us to deal with problems.
In today’s competitive world, a good education has become a necessity. Higher education helps in getting a good job and position.Education also prepares people for different life experiences. It helps people to have a special status in society. Moreover, education polishes our minds and strength, and character.
Education helps us to take the right decisions. It is the key to success in personal as well as professional life. It makes us smart enough to handle tough situations and live a happy life.A person with having good education becomes a good citizen of the country. A country can progress well if its citizens are well-educated.
All in all, education is the process of acquiring knowledge which helps to be successful. There are many benefits of a good education like having a good career, improved self-confidence, and a good status in society.
Education helps to grow in life. It is the reason behind many successful people and nations. Above all, it helps in building a better society For the citizens of the nation. It helps to eliminate the darkness of ignorance and bring light to the world.Our behavior, our perception is what we have learned, either by getting instructions or by observing things around us. Education acts as a ladder that carries us to high limits. Without education and knowledge, we cannot contribute anything valuable to the world or earn money for leading our lives. Knowledge is the ultimate power.The value of education helps us to know about our capabilities to do something, and that’s why we can complete that extra mile.
Education has a much higher value, but we can’t express that high value in words.It helps to erase negativity from our minds, doubts, and fears that could lead us to our downfall. It helps us to be happy and prosperous in the future along with making us better human beings.



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