Health and fitness. Why it is important for our daily life?

 Health And Fitness:

Health and Fitness are related to each other. We cannot be healthy without being fit. The fitness of both mind and body is important for being healthy. We should include leafy vegetables, cereals and pulse in our diet. We must eat our food at the popular time.

Regular exercise for half an hour daily makes us fit. Healthy and fit body makes us look good. It also helps in increasing our confidence level. Good healthy and a fit body prevent  us from falling ill.

Health and Fitness

A health life style is only the secret of good health. Our health is our most valuable wealth. Healthy person is someone free from diseases and can perform physical activities. Without getting tired. A person’s physical fitness measures health and fitness. It can achieved though proper nutrition and careful eating habits.

Nutrition plays a vital role because we are what we eat. Health cannot be ignored
because our body needs to be healthy to function correctly. Regular exercise can help us to build a healthy and fit body that could be resistant to diseases.

Importance of Health and Fitness

Health and Fitness are very important for a happy and successful life. We can live life to its fullest extent only if we are healthy and fit. Achieving a good health is not easy today because we all polluted environment. But we  need to take this is a challenge and live our life in a healthy way. A person is known as a healthy person if he falls ill less often.

When a person is healthy he can laugh, smile, sleep well and work efficiently. We all have  heard the proverb “Health is Wealth”. We can achieve good health by exercising regularly and by having a balanced diet. exercising regularly makes our body fit and mind happy. It is necessary for a healthy and peaceful life. Balanced diet is also necessary for good health.

It provides all the nutrition which our body requires.Many packed and processed foods that we consume today have preservatives in them, so we must stay away from  them and stick to a natural and home made food as much as possible.

Being healthy and fit won’t cost us much. but not being healthy can give us costs of  medical bills. So choosing a healthy way of living is a smarter decision.

Last but not least I would like to say “stay healthy, think positive and enjoy every moment of your life”.

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