Tips to keep your laptop battery healthy.


Having a 100% original laptop battery and charger are the most important
parts of having a personal laptop. Especially if you propose to take
benefit of the laptop’s portability without a good laptop battery, your
laptop would require to be plugged into the wall more often. Modern
laptop batteries and charger tend to last three to five hours, it depends on
the power require to laptop and applications the user runs.
We are not here to buy/sell laptop batteries or anything relating to it, my
goal is just to gain your knowledge and detailed how know about it.

laptop battery


1. How to check Battery health.
2. 15 Tips to improve your laptop Battery Health.

How to check Battery health:

Select Search on the taskbar, type Command prompt, press and hold (or right click) Command prompt and then select Run as administrator >Okay. At the command prompt, type power c f g /battery report, then press hit in charge. The battery report will be an HTML file that’s stored in a folder on your PC. Back to you both Pittenger and then, you need to copy pair of C colon backward slash windows so just copy C to n selected and press Control C and now go to your file explorer and past their best in the box control V or pass and hit it up and boom you will get your battery reports all details about your battery and camera. So, you can install the battery you can see the battery name, manufacturer, serial number, and chemistry. So now you can see design capacity is what you want all on 440 and the full charge capacity is 27$ mine. What are you? So let’s see how to calculate this open the calculate and just type first full charge capacity don’t get 2009 for you. And divide it into 41444. Just type your value there and get your result percentage of your battery.

laptop battery

7 Tips to improve your laptop Battery Health

keep the battery and work on your laptop in a cool place:

Working on a laptop in excessive temperatures is not only harmful to the processor but also harmful to the battery. As a hot battery will deteriorate its health much faster than a cold battery. It’s best to stay out of the heat when using your laptop but its also equally important when it comes to storing your laptop if you work on the laptop at temperatures between 32 and 40 degrees and use it every day the battery will lose only four percent of its total charge after three months. And if you store your laptop at temperatures up to 50 degrees the battery will lose between 20 to 30 percent of the total charge. Studies have shown that using the laptop at high temperatures leads to the battery draining faster and excessive use at high temperatures will inevitably lead to damage to the battery so, make sure to use your laptop in situations where the ambient temperature is not hot.

2. Plug it in before it dies:

Many users prefer to charge the batteries when they reach 0 and this is a very big mistake. and it will lead to the loss of the battery and its destruction quickly studies have shown that charges up to 50% are better for long-term battery life compared to a large discharge of 0%. And the best thing is to start charging the battery when it reaches 20%. Because this extends the battery life because using a low charge puts pressure on the battery itself and ultimately reduces its ability to charge. And remember never let your computer battery drop to 0%.

3. Never let your laptop always be plugged in:

Laptop manufacturers are warns laptop users to keep their laptops plugged in all the is best to use the laptop until battery is drain to 20%. Then plug it in for recharging. But some laptops may have a smart charging mode that prioritizes battery health in which case you can continue to connect it.

4. Do not leave it full charged:

Have you ever heard the 80-40 rule experts advise charging nickel-based batteries between 40 and 80%? And although this rule is said not to be geared toward newer lithium-ion batteries. It is still a great guide if the charge reaches 100. Do not leave it connected to the current because leaving it connected will definitely affect the health of the battery. and if you need to charge it overnight. Use programs that cut off the power when the charge reaches 100%.

5. Unplugged unused peripherals:

Experts and laptop manufacturers recommend unplugging any peripherals.

For example, an external hard drive or webcam while using battery power as well as transferring data between your device. And the laptop as connecting these devices draws power from the peripheral device itself. even when not in use this is an obvious drain on your laptop’s battery.

6. Make sure you have enough RAM:

Dell laptop manufacturer made this suggestion to extend the battery life of the laptop as if the computer can store the information in your ram instead of the hard disk it will do so this is a faster way to recover data. It also prevents the hard drive from working as much which leads to massive battery drainage. So, make sure you have enough ram to keep your laptop battery.

7. Turn down screen brightness:

I guess you won’t need your screen to be super bright all the time. So, lowering the screen brightness because the lower screen brightness helps save laptop battery power and thus the battery life is a better screen is a big drain on most devices. Also, change your display settings so that the screen turns off after a shorter period of inactivity.

I hope that the previous tips will explain to you how to preserve the life of the laptop battery and keep in mind that these simple tips will protect your battery from rapid damage. Also will make the battery longer and healthier.


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