What are the Content Marketing? also explain some Strategies

Content marketing

Content Marketing:

Content marketing is defined as the process Content marketing, Distributing, Sharing, publishing content. To reach your target audience and increase brand awareness, sales, engagement, and loyalty. 

What does that meaning mean?

In simple terms, content marketing is making stuff like blogs, social media, podcasts, video, apps, names, that draw customers to your brand by informing them of something they already want to know. It’s part of a framework called Inbound Marketing. Where you create something that the audience seeks out, as opposed to. Creating something that you Force on your audience. 

Before content marketing, there was this thing is called advertising, otherwise known as Outbound Marketing.

Outbound marketing was the thing that interrupted your audience, popping up in the middle pf TV shows, or while reading a magazine or scrolling a webpage.

Content Marketing

Nobody really liked outbound marketing because it was disruptive. It was the only way for brands to reach potential customers. And it was the only way for customers to find out about a brand’s products and services, but they still had to remember those brands when it came time to actually make a purchase.

Not a practiculalry efficient system. Then came streaming and ad blockers and the balkanization of Media into millions of individual channels. Suddenly it became really, really hard to deliver an outbound marketing message, even one that was memorable.

Fortunately, the same tools that allow everyone to choose their own Media diet also gives rise to highly personalized marketing messages that would only pop up when the audience was looking for it. This is called inbound marketing, and content marketing is an essential piece of that equation. 

It’s there when customers want it to be, and invisible when they don’t, and when done right, inbound marketing doesn’t feel like marketing at all. It feels like a seamless part of the customer’s experience in discovering your brand.


Blogs, are great content marketing platforms for brands because they are relatively easy to set up, easy for audience to. Discover via search and have a long tail in terms of remaining viable for future customers.


The content, The marketing is best strategy.
Because it’s not the best business in the world that wins it’s the business with the best marketing and the same thing applies to your content let me tell you how it’s done by breaking down step by step the exact content marketing framework.

1. Find Filter:

The find filter is the first filter i want to introduce you to a filter acts as a way to quickly evaluate information decide a whether it’s useful or not and if so then how to structure or group or arrange the information. 

For example:

For this piece of content right here. I needed to have a mental filter in place so that when I came across another piece of content or. An idea or even had a conversation with someone, I would know whether that piece of information was relevant or not, and if so then then how I was going to present it so because this content right here is about content and how to use it to reach your audience and connect with them in a deeper more substantial way well that’s the filter I want to keep in mind as I go through my days now I’m typically working on a few pieces of content at once but fortunately most of it is centered around marketing and business so these filter as this point are pretty well baked into my thinking.

2. Consume:

Maybe this sounds familiar you sit down at your computer maybe in front of your camera or however else you create a content you’re ready to go and then we can call it writer’s block or getting tongue-tied or running out of ideas or whatever else you want to call it but the fact is it’s not actually true you see we as humans never run out of ideas our brains are always going always sometimes i wish they’d stop but they just keep going so what’s more likely is that all of these ideas that you are having are stuck behind some kind of an invisible wall that needs to be smashed through And the best way to do that and to smash through that well once and for all is to always be consuming high quality content you see high quality content is both motivating and  and inspiring.

And inspiring and it’s help to build momentum the fact is the consistent consumption of quality content is a catalyst. For creation.

Dr zeus rhyme as the old saying goes garbage in, garbage out well the opposite. Is also true good stuff in equals good stuff.

So once you’ve got your powerful content sources. Ready to consume well it’s time to move on to the next filter.

3. Focus filter:

Focus filter is about taking all of the good stuff you’ve just consumed and then focusing it down to only what’s most important or relevant right now you see the problem is once you’ve a solid source of quality information and you get good at coming up with ideas and content to talk about well you end up with another problem which is surprisingly the exact opposite problem and that is having too many ideas


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