What is Management Information system?

Management Information system


What Is MIS?

Short of Management information system it refers broadly to a computer-based system that provides managers with the tools for organizing, evaluating and efficiently running their departments.
The three sub-components Management, information, and system together bring out the focus clearly & effectively.


Emphasizing a fair degree of integration and a holistic view.


Stressing on processed data in the context in which it is used by end users.


Focusing on the ultimate use of such information systems for managerial decision making.

The Need for MIS:

The following are some of the justification for having an MIS system.

1. Decision makers need information to make effective decisions. Management information system make this possible.

2. MIS systems facilitate communication within and outside the organization within the organization are able to easily access the required information for day to day operations. Facilitates such as short message service & email make it possible to communicate with customers and suppliers from within the MIS system that an organization is using.

3. Record keeping:
Management information system record all business transaction of an organization and provide a reference point for the transactions.

Concept of MIS:

MIS is not new, only the computerization is new before computer mis techniques existed to supply mangers with the information that would permit them to plan and control business operations. The computer has added one more dimensions such as accuracy and increased volume of data that permit the consideration of more alternatives in decision making process.

There are various driving factors of Management information system for example:
Technological revelations all sectors make modern mangers to need to have access to large amount of selective information for the complex tasks and decisions.


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