What is Product Design? How does it Works.

Product Design

What does Product Design Mean?

Before starting to manufacturing New Product or improve the product it is essential to design the product first.


As being something that you can buy in a store. But it can also be something digital like an app or a website. Like a product that you buy in a shop. A digital product solves problem that somebody has and therefore they creates value for them. These are both products and they both solve problems. 


Everything that has been created by human has been designed by someone. Design is all about finding the solution to the problem that you’re trying to solve a designer may take into consideration things. Like who is this a problem for or where does this problem occur or maybe even why does this problem exist.
Product design is the combination of these two things.

But let’s dig a little bit deeper into what it means to design products. In the case of the shopping list app problem designing a solution for this might require taking into account things. Like where is the user going to use this app or what kind of information may they want to put into the app or take out of it.
What kind of device the person has do they have a smartphone do they have a smart watch to ensure the problem is solved.

The designer might choose to test their idea with real people to see. How they react to it or the may even choose to include the people in the design process to really understand. How they would like to see this problem be solved.

How it looks and feels?

Product designer would probably want to think about the look and feel of the app as well you might want to take into consideration things. like making sure the app is pleasant to use the design is consistent with the brand of the company that are even making the app. And that the app would be accessible to everyone who may want to use it to master their needs.

Making it Real:

Think of architects and builders and electricians and plumbers and carpenters.
Architects usually design the buildings but they don’t necessarily build them. The same is true for digital products too. So product designers often work with people Iike software engineers to bring their products to life this might mean doing things like preparing visual designs to show to the software engineers to help them build the product accurately. Or it could even mean sitting side by side as the products being built helping engineers understand exactly. How things should look to make sure the polish is just right.

Measuring success and finding improvements:

Once a product is out there in the world that’s not usually the end of it right think of the i phone every year a new i phone comes along a designers will play a critical role in understanding the success and failure of the previous year’s i phone. So when they come to design the new one they can understand how to make it better and where the improvements should be understand how the products working?
The designers could perhaps immerse themselves in the environment where the products being used they could use the product themselves to see how it really works. Or maybe they could analyze metrics to see how users are using features and what’s working well and what isn’t. Knowing how well your designs perform?
How effective they are at solving the problems that users have is important to make sure that you can improve the product and continue to bring more and more value to your users.
Why i think product design is important?
Every exciting you may have noticed that more and more companies are hiring product designers and you might be wondering why whilst it may feel as though the internet has been around for a very long time we’re still in the every early days of moving our economy online every day new businesses and industries are being created to solve problem with greater and efficiency and every day all around the world. More and more people are getting online and using these products and becoming involved in the digital economy all around the world and wherever someone is doing business online they’re using a product or service that needs to be designed maintained and iterated upon so that’s why there’s so much growth and demand in the field of product design.


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