What is QR code? How can you create a QR code?

QR Code:  It Stands for Quick Response Code essentially squares with black and white symbols on them every QR code is unique and holds encrypted information like a website link product landing page promotional details coupon or other information.
Whenever Someone scans a QR code with a smartphone or tablet code reveals the encrypted information taking the user to a desired destination this is very similar to that of a barcode. But it is able to hold more and different types of data pretty much anyone with a smartphone can read a QR without needing to set anything up if you have an older smartphone then you may need to install an app in order to scan the code but most modern phones have the necessary technology already built in for instance I phone users can use their camera to hover over a QR code prompting a notification to pop up which takes them to the correct web page or information.

We cannot understand the QR code language only the scanner read the QR code language. If we look at the format of the QR code we see Three different types of boxes are included in the QR code.

It is a 2D dimensional coding. Where different types of data are stored. These three boxes have a line of different types. These lines stores data of different type.

How Can You Create A QR Code?

There are several free QR code generators out there that will allow you to design unique codes for your company some will even let you display your logo on the QR code itself the most common choice is the QR code generator but it isn’t the only option look around at different generators and find one that you like before registering an account and creating yours
After you have picked a QR code generator figure out what type of information you’d like to share you’d be able to select an option from various types of content like email mp3, text, URL and other options so let’s say you want the QR code to bring someone to a specific product page you would choose the URL as your content type then add your link to the form the generator that you choose will also give you the option to either have a static or dynamic code. With the dynamic code, you’re able to change the information after you’ve created the QR code but you can’t alter the static codes a dynamic code comes in handy when you need to edit details after the generator has already created your code and the code has been distributed let’s say you are promoting an event and the start time changes all you would have to do is revise the information your QR code you won’t have to worry about making a new one from scratch or your customers having the wrong information from the first QR code you distributed then after you promote and distribute your code you can check your analytics monitor the amount of traffic each QR code is getting and make adjustments if needed since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic customers have expected business to provide contactless interactions. Businesses across the country have been continually finding ways to limit contact with their customers for day-to-day operations QR codes have quickly become the best way to do so while they work well for marketing purposes they also communicate to your customers that you care about their safety and you’re continuing to utilize touch-free interactions.



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